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  • Pablocruz 127
    Pablocruz 12741 sekonda më parë

    That’s a woman or did I just hear it wrong?

  • Ricardo Padilla
    Ricardo PadillaMinutë më parë

    "Oh, we feel bad for what happened, but we hope our dogs are ok too". What? No, those dogs were unprovoked and need to be put down. Sorry, not sorry. Poor kid's gonna need therapy and guess who should pay it?

  • Heathenwon
    Heathenwon2 minuta më parë

    Now I know to ask my Dr where he went to school. How inept!!

  • Vintage Dashboard
    Vintage Dashboard5 minuta më parë

    Through those bastards in prison

  • Mark Stephen
    Mark Stephen9 minuta më parë

    Somebody's going to jail...

  • vhilai
    vhilai10 minuta më parë

    Buckle up

  • Emalie Lorinda
    Emalie Lorinda10 minuta më parë


  • Wholesaler Gal
    Wholesaler Gal10 minuta më parë

    Contemporary English Version God raised us from death to life with Christ Jesus, and he has given us a place beside Christ in heaven. Ephesians 2:6

  • John J. Vela
    John J. Vela12 minuta më parë

    The man is a hero period.

  • Brody Applegate
    Brody Applegate13 minuta më parë

    Dang these reporters are really trynna make us cry out here.

  • Doesn't Jump to conclusions
    Doesn't Jump to conclusions14 minuta më parë

    I don't know why you all are crying about him being out on bail?!? A: You're innocent until proven guilty. B: It gives someone a chance to end his life if he tries to do anything to her in the meanwhile...

  • Joe Schlotthauer
    Joe Schlotthauer18 minuta më parë

    Someone else wants it and is willing to pay more, now wait to see if construction begins without lumber prices falling...

  • Jimmy Nahlous
    Jimmy Nahlous18 minuta më parë

    Who bails someone like that out? WTF....

  • JesseO Stone
    JesseO Stone22 minuta më parë

    Where is this?

  • Ben Whittier
    Ben Whittier24 minuta më parë

    Cox needs to be the next newsome vote him out, my body my choice!!!

  • Private Private
    Private Private24 minuta më parë

    I remember many years ago, hearing about a young boy who couldn’t get dental care for an infected tooth, until it traveled to his brain, killing him. I don’t think he was any older than 5. This was here in the US. Let me tell you something, I’ve had jumping up and down tooth pain before. My mother had an infection, after a dental visit, where, if she’d had a gun, she’d have probably ended her life. Her dentist went on vacation after seeing her and I had to find and reach him and he had to hurriedly write a prescription, which wasn’t even at the closest pharmacy. I had to drive past her house, through many red lights, to pick up that prescription and get it to her. Dental pain can make you lose your mind. What I’ve learned, as a result, is that ONLY YOU feel your pain and it’s like everyone else is either moving in slow motion, indifferently and sometimes, intentionally. As I’ve become a Prepper, although I’m not any dental or medical authority, what I’ve done is to stick up a bit on antibiotics. I’ve purchased pet antibiotics. While they may or may not be rated for human use, I know that, if I get into a fix, where there’s a SHTF situation, I’d rather have an upset stomach, than to lose my mind over pain, if a dentist is unavailable or I can’t afford one. I didn’t need a prescription to buy them but, I’m happy to have a stash, in the event of an emergency. I can’t recommend you do this but, it’s what I’m doing for me and my pets. Because I don’t want anyone suffering or dead over an infection that can take a few pills to fix, even if temporarily.

  • Gr8WhtMomba
    Gr8WhtMomba24 minuta më parë

    He practiced that cry once they took him off paid vacation.

  • david cunningham
    david cunningham26 minuta më parë

    Poor kid. Think it through before you take the jab.

  • Jay Smith
    Jay Smith27 minuta më parë

    Let me take a guess, The guy moved here from California?

  • dysfunctional vet
    dysfunctional vet28 minuta më parë

    did she get charged for camping longer than she paid?

  • Karsten Schoenberg
    Karsten Schoenberg28 minuta më parë

    Think we can all tell the people of Utah are ready to kick him out

  • Jennifer Minnick
    Jennifer Minnick29 minuta më parë


  • Dave Shapel
    Dave Shapel29 minuta më parë

    Miracles dont come to those who still suggest people take the vaccine

  • Jamie Cann
    Jamie Cann30 minuta më parë

    I felt bad for the manager it was almost like a mafia visit from the kids...This should’ve been done on the phone

  • Becca Wells
    Becca Wells30 minuta më parë

    he did a good job trying to stay professional during that prank

  • Red Salamander
    Red Salamander31 minutë më parë

    How do you get to a certain age and not have common sense?

  • S Maharg
    S Maharg31 minutë më parë

    Good for you.. happy it works for you. I’m also a long hauler and I’m not taking it.

  • Jamie Cann
    Jamie Cann31 minutë më parë

    I don’t blame her she should’ve fired her... don’t bring in a group of people to translate

  • S Maharg
    S Maharg32 minuta më parë

    Fake news 🙄

  • Lana Mitchell
    Lana Mitchell32 minuta më parë

    Where has she really been for 5 months? I don't think the human body can survive through winter by eating only grass.

  • Mic Hawk
    Mic Hawk33 minuta më parë

    I'd unload my 12 gauge on those f***ing worthless dogs before the pigs showed up. Prayers for that little girl.

  • Jay Smith
    Jay Smith34 minuta më parë

    Thanks Biden. You are destroying America so fast.

  • Eduardo R
    Eduardo R36 minuta më parë

    If you DON’T support discrimination make sure you do not buy at this restaurants again. And if they rename the business make sure we bring awareness to the public.

  • Jose Sandoval
    Jose Sandoval37 minuta më parë

    Oh gawd!

  • Deborah Stocker
    Deborah Stocker37 minuta më parë


  • SpudLab
    SpudLab37 minuta më parë

    Must of been some good pruno

  • paul mc
    paul mc38 minuta më parë

    Wow, it's a giant Mormon Kinder surprise concrete egg! 😂

  • justhays
    justhays38 minuta më parë

    They need to get California of the tit.

  • JJ Collura
    JJ Collura39 minuta më parë

    Ima keep it 💯. Why was the door locked? Why weren’t the parents home? Where were the parents? Did they not communicate with their kid?

  • Joe Duke
    Joe Duke40 minuta më parë

    Luckily I have about 160 extra trees on my land, about 100 feet tall... douglas firs. But yes, greed and selfishness are de facto standards for humans.

  • paul mc
    paul mc40 minuta më parë

    Awwwww, he didn't even blow his golden horn? How come he didn't just spread his Mormon wings to bring it down for all the cult idiots to look into? 😂😒

  • jeff hinkley
    jeff hinkley43 minuta më parë


  • Dayvon Sunshine
    Dayvon Sunshine45 minuta më parë

    U of M would even touch me with high blood pressure

  • Jan PhD
    Jan PhD45 minuta më parë

    The millennial guy has been crying and crying, he's a big Beta Baby. The contract allowed for the builder to walk out... he'll get a refund... Boo hooo hooo..

  • alexrev13
    alexrev1346 minuta më parë

    Utah government should be Ashamed of themselves for letting this go on a long as it did. Remember, stay away from these shops. Tell everyone that you can. Thanks FOX.

  • It's a mad mad world
    It's a mad mad world47 minuta më parë

    Yukmouth should have taken care of himself from get go 🙄

  • Lancers2005
    Lancers200548 minuta më parë

    That cop Russo is one of the most crooked biased GOP cops in the city. The mans face is written with biased Republican all over his face and this is coming from a registered Republican believe it or not. Russo is extremely biased and unqualified for his job..this guy conducts himself like a state police not a cop. Screaming at councilwoman the way he did.. all of these cops that can’t manage anger is easily seen in video. They look like street brawlers in uniform.

  • richard vincent
    richard vincent49 minuta më parë

    The Liberals mine's will explode. You don't even need ID. But now the voter needs to think.

  • Amy Sue
    Amy Sue49 minuta më parë


  • Martha S
    Martha S49 minuta më parë

    So he doesn't think lawmakers and staffers who cowered in terror for hours were harmed in any way? Please. Lock him up.

  • Yoon Yoon
    Yoon Yoon51 minutë më parë

    Thank you former VP bidumb!!!

  • Holly Fisher
    Holly Fisher52 minuta më parë

    STOP pushing vaccines, Socialist Puppet BlunderBuss🤪~Some of us do NOT need you or your Handlers trying to force that on others who CHOOSE to respect the health of our own bodies...after all, the Dims are always hollering about Abortion Rights and how that is between a Patient and Doctor💔👼:( SO now that does both ways, RIGHT🤷‍♀️!!!

  • Coachdallas favs
    Coachdallas favs52 minuta më parë

    Thanks Chris ♥️

  • Eva Flores
    Eva Flores53 minuta më parë

    When its my school✋🏽😭

  • William Duignan
    William Duignan53 minuta më parë

    That's called homeless???

  • Braden Goertzen
    Braden Goertzen54 minuta më parë

    Justified. Man who was suspected to be violent refused to let go of gun. Officer shot first. Maybe the 27 shots were a little overkill but two shots would also have killed the dude so.

  • MrJaime4044
    MrJaime404454 minuta më parë

    What a dumb fuck

  • Elizabeth Grogan
    Elizabeth Grogan54 minuta më parë

    Brings a whole new meaning to home-brews.

  • Mary Moore
    Mary Moore55 minuta më parë

    Man... She just got sick of every body and their shit. Feed her good and take her back if she wants to go and leave her alone.

  • giftandeagle Delacerda
    giftandeagle Delacerda56 minuta më parë

    Took her back but no raise or back pay that is what the manager was there for

  • Sabrina Flores
    Sabrina Flores56 minuta më parë


  • Eva Flores
    Eva Flores53 minuta më parë


  • Fish Fish
    Fish Fish57 minuta më parë

    Talks about racism with a BLM hate flag hanging in her room

  • Sergio Martin JR Guevara
    Sergio Martin JR Guevara58 minuta më parë

    With great power comes great responsibility

  • Luis Ruiz
    Luis Ruiz59 minuta më parë

    Fines go to the Fed's. Not consumers.

  • Ferries and S&EB Trackers
    Ferries and S&EB Trackers59 minuta më parë


  • Darrin Steven
    Darrin StevenOrë më parë

    Class action lawsuit!

  • Chris M
    Chris MOrë më parë

    Don’t they die off after like 48 hrs out of water?

  • Lathlena Mcwhirter
    Lathlena McwhirterOrë më parë

    THEY ALL BEEN CAUGHT LYING 🤥 💀 🤧 😒 🤣 🙄 LOOK WHATS IN THE VACCINES 🤔🤫🤨 DO YOU KNOW MASKS HAVE BLACK MICROSCOPE STRINGY PARASITES IN THEM🤢🤮😱🤺 The worms crawl in the worms crawl out in your stomach and out your mouth 🥴 🤪 🤢 🤮

  • Terry Terry
    Terry TerryOrë më parë


  • Chris M
    Chris MOrë më parë

    Hey look a corrupt government doing corrupt things 😪😪😪

  • Vida Twynham
    Vida TwynhamOrë më parë


  • Jesse Riley
    Jesse RileyOrë më parë

    I’m glad fox news didn’t feel ripped off by trump lol, and they’re concentrating on the real criminals.

  • one tin soldier
    one tin soldierOrë më parë

    The risk of the vaccine is less than the virus unless it causes you to get a blood clot in the brain.

  • Robert
    RobertOrë më parë


  • Sarah Conner
    Sarah ConnerOrë më parë

    Never ever ever get work on more than 1 tooth!!! Cuz shit like this happens!!!! Take my advice it may save your life.... Dentists are lazy bastards, they will tell you let's do all of them teeth!!! Because there lazy!!!

  • Melissa Jean
    Melissa JeanOrë më parë

    Sometimes I want be to drive with my car & money & travel ! Just for a while away from my family ! Lol n then come back like nothing !

  • John Campbell
    John CampbellOrë më parë

    Yea...i also cancled various contracts with known banks...

  • Hugh Mad Bro
    Hugh Mad BroOrë më parë

    Release Amanda’s full interview….

  • 51Dss
    51DssOrë më parë

    gee I wonder about the breed of dogs and the race of the dogs owners...I'm guessing the dogs were either pit bulls, Rottweilers, Dobermans or perhaps cane corsos...and the dogs owners are probably NOT your Ward and June Cleaver kind of people...